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Microstan Releases Shank 2.0
     Since releasing Microstan Shank 1.0, Microstan has seen considerable market penetration in the 16 to 48 year old prison market. The original release of the Microstan Shank was a considerable upgrade to the previous competing products on the market, such as the immensely popular Shiv, by Heroes Inc.
     In version 2.3 Microstan has introduced an entirely new approach to Shank architecture, turning the Shank into a veritable cornucopia of self-defense products. Shank 2.3, originally codenamed Gangwars, provides users with the ability to press a button on the Shank to switch between various Shank Modes. Shank Modes include Shard of Glass, Sharpened Toothbrush, Broomhandle, PenKnife and PlasticShiv.
     Microstan has also developed Shank 2.3 with an extensible framework that will enable developers to build new snap-ins for Shank. Microstan partners have already announced products such as a long cylindrical device that will enable Shank to become a poll-arm. This device, in beta, has been called Pike by the developers.
     Opponents of Microstan Shank claim it is a weapon, marketed to teens that has no use except to take human life. When questioned, Microstan Czar Bubil Al-Gatez responded that “Shank is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for shaving, carving and minor surgery. The medical system in the prison industry is in shambles and there might be situations where the Shank will help to alleviate that as an issue. We’re not condoning this sort of use for the Shank but in the real world we are helping to save the children of Allah. Our customers do not use Shank as a weapon."
     Given the chance to respond, Microstan critics called Al-Gatez “a silly bastard” and pointed out that prison murders have increased by 800 percent in the past 2 years. Al-Gatez responded by citing a recent study that noted that attempted murders have gone down by 98 percent.

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