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Security Flaw Found in all Microstan Locks "Home Edition"
     A troubling flaw was discovered today with all locks produced in Microstan since 1995. This serious design flaw allows anyone who knows the technique complete unauthorized access to anything the lock is guarding.
     The discoverer of the flaw, known only by the monicer ".xX @&gry |\||nj@ $Urf3r 2000 Xx.", released a statement saying, among other things, that Microstan, "isthesuck" and that the people living in Microstan, "arethesuck and have had this coming for a long time." The complete statement can be read here but due to the confusing writing style of the author, a translated version has been provided and can be read here.
     Due to the serious nature of the flaw Microstan has issued free lock patches to all the millions of affected citizens. Along with the fixes, instructions on how to install the patch are being included with the giveaway. Details on the prodecure can be obtained at any neighborhood MCR or Microstan Certified Retailer.
     Bubil Al-Gatez was obviously perturbed during the press release this morning where reporters lambasted the Microstan Security Council saying they were "irresponsibly irresponsible" and "alarmingly incompetent." Others called for an investigation while others demanded that Microstan open up the blueprints to their locks for peer review to which Al-Gatez responded, "How can we make secure products if all the thieves know the inner workings of the system?" A member of the audience shouted, "Linustan does it", and then the infuriated Al-Gatez stormed out of the meeting.
     Microstan is offering a substantial reward of 250,000 for the successful capture of ".xX @&gry |\||nj@ $Urf3r 2000 Xx." And an extra 50,000 bonus if ".xX @&gry |\||nj@ $Urf3r 2000 Xx." is publicly tortured, drawn and quartered.

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