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MSNBC merges with Al Jazeera
     Microstan released an announcement today that it would be merging al Jazeera with MSNBC. In a statement released from his home in Microstan, Bubil Al-Gatez stated that “the move is more of a cost cutting measure than one of retribution.” The new name of the media empire is to be ALLAHMSNBCAOLTWFRAUD. The meaning of this acronym is said to be known only to Gatez himself.
     Microstan has been suffering from clashes between its militant al Coderz Brigade and the Salez al Greedy faction. “This move is meant to provide both groups with one media outlet controlled entirely by Microstan, allowing us to stop them from burning our database and variable fields by feeding them news of peace and harmony” stated Gatez in what some would note as a sardonic manner.
     In response to the move the leader of al Coderz Brigade, known only as WoZ went on rampage, driving his Segway at ultra-high speeds and firing his modified Microsoft Defender into the air throughout Vistaville where he now lives with his wife and 2 Segways.
     The move was met with mild enthusiasm at the offices of MSNBC where everyone was still sleeping off an all night drinking binge led by Matt Lauer. Lauer, when questioned woke for a moment, called CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper “infidel swine who will die choking on their own vomit” and then began to choke on his own frothy vomit. When questioned about the incident later, Lauer saw no humor in the event stating that “it is all an Israeli conspiracy,” a remark echoed throughout the Arab street.
     Cooper and Blitzer denied to comment on the comments or on the MSNBC-Al Jazeera merger. But this reporter did notice a glint in the eye of Cooper as he heard a reporter attempt to pronounce “ALLAHMSNBCAOLTWFRAUD.”

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