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Mandatory Drivers License Upgrades Announced
     As part of an expected move made by Microstan today, officials announced that public roads and mass transit will no longer accept licence codes issued in 1995, 1998 or 2000. A spokesperson for the country stated that all travelers should upgrade within the 60 day grace period to avoid getting stranded.
     Stavib Muhalmer, Vice Dictator of Microstan, told reporters "the new licensing scheme streamlines the driving process and paves the way for future upgrades and improvements." Critics opposed the decision saying that the move was only a ploy to strong-arm its citizens into paying more money. Bubil Al-Gatez could not be reached for comment.
     In the past, Microstan has been criticized for forcing upgrades for other basic services, such as medical needs, shelter, food and clothing. However, due to the autonomous control exerted by the government of Microstan, they have yet to back down on any of these issues.

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