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Authorities Quell so-called
"Burka Madness"
     Authorities have had to use force to qwell the near riots panic this week due to the release of Microstan's limited time free burka upgrade.

     "There's nothing scarier than hoards of burka-clad women waiting to, allah forbid, disrobe in a place other then the home of their husband." said a frightened shopper at one of the countries largest outlet stores.

     Anticipation came to a head this week after Microstan annouced that version 3 of it's popular MyBurka clothing line, code named, "Suttee", would save time due to the new FastDress framework, be more secure thanks to an updated StayTight Stitching, and provide a user customizable modesty setting via the new Chmod (Change modesty) containter.
     "We're really excited about the latest release in our burka clothing line since it combines the latest cutting edge technology with our already popular burka clothing line" remarked Stavib Muhalmer, Vice Dictator of Microstan, at the press release this morning. "Our new burkas are built for speed" Muhalmer continued, "and can save up to 30 seconds with each dress and undress. Just imagine, 30 seconds twice a day, times 7 days a week, times 52 weeks a year means that we give you back more than 6 hours of your life each year to spend however you choose."
     Later in the press release Muhalmer went into greater detail about the other new features in the clothing line. "Also new in Burka 3.0 is the multifunction StayTight technology which gives a more comfortable fit along with providing greater security against the unwanted gropes of infidels" at which the crowd roared with excitement. Surprisingly though, the loudest cheers of the night came from the women shortly after the new Chmod technology was announced. Here, Muhalmer describes how the new technology will work, "The new Chmod technology is the crowning achievement of Burka 3.0. How many times have you been praying at your local mosque and then wanted to go out with the girls but didn't have time to change? Well now there is no need to worry thanks to dynamic modesty rating built into every Burka 3.0. Watch how they effortlessly retract 3 inches at the legs, showing a little bit of ankle and at the arms showing a little bit of wrist. These aren't your mother's burka's! " The crowd roared in approval.
     The only opposition of the night was met when Muhalmer announced that, although technically compatible, Microstan would drop compatibility support between last years shoe line and Burka 3.0. Dissenters were located, shaved, publicly flogged and summarily exciled.

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